The lack of space can become an issue for growing families and increasing possessions. At DovidConstructionLTD we understand that moving to a larger house is not always an option and the alternative could be building an extension. This is generally the more affordable and stress free option. Choosing to build an extension means that not only will you be able to remain in the comfort of your existing (and bigger!) house, but this change will most definitely be reflected in the value of your property.

Whatever your needs, our experienced team can assist you in ideas for layout, maximizing space and helping your house reach its highest potential. We have extensive experience in building

  • single storey house extension
  • double storey house extension
  • garage extension
  • dining/kitchen area extensions
  • bedroom/living room extension

We have got vast experience building extensions in West London, Surrey and surrounding areas. The DovidConstructionLTD team members will support you through the entire process, from start to finish, according to your particular needs and desires.

  • We will advice whether you need Planning Permission and Building Regulations and can assist in obtaining both. We will assist in obtaining structural calculations if required. We also deal directly with the local authority Building Control department.
  • Considering the scale of you project and your desires, we are able to produce a virtual model of the extension you dream of (from traditional to ultra modern) using and advanced 3D computer design system BIM (Building Information Modeling). We turn this computer model into a very detailed set of house extension drawings, which are then presented to you.
  • The quality of our work is of paramount importance to us as we build our reputation on recommendations. Therefore we only employ highly trained, professional and reliable people. You can put your mind at rest that the work will be carried out to the highest standards, the materials will be ordered and delivered in correct quantities and on time and every last detail will be taken care of. We sincerely hope that our builders will be the cleanest, most efficient and politest workers you ever met.
  • Our aim is to keep you satisfied during all stages of the project – the beginning, middle and end. We plan the payment for the work in stages and stick to our contractual promises.
  • We have ample experience in designing and fitting kitchens/bathrooms within the extension.
  • We will evaluate if the original central-heating boiler is capable of further expansion.

We are certain that after our work is finished, you will have the perfect extension to accommodate your needs.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch whether you are just thinking about building an extension in West London and Surrey areas, or have actually taken the first steps to materialise your ideas.